Since 2016, with an aim to avoid spending time and resources to manually filter through vast quantities of drone data, Optelos has been helping Drone Service Providers and Enterprises with its cloud-based platform. The Drone Work Advisor uses AI Machine Learning to intelligently manage, visualize, and analyze drone data, and deliver actionable answers. Now, the company wants to provide users with a more comprehensive suite of solutions through a partnership with Consortiq.

"This collaboration is the perfect combination of expertise between two best-in-class companies," Optelos CEO David Tran told Commercial UAV News. “We are excited to be able to offer this valuable and unique combination of solution to help our customers continue to safely and efficiently accelerate and scale their drone operations. The integration of Consortiq’s CQNet™ fleet safety management software along with Optelos AI analytics and visual data management software helps provide complete end-to-end workflow solution”.

As a UAS software, training, consultancy, and hardware provider, Consortiq makes it easier for organizations to put drones in the sky safely. The company’s CQNet software presents users with different features to plan and assess flights in real-time, sync and analyze autonomous flight logs, create and maintain all flight records including aircraft details and maintenance monitoring, manage the risk of an operation and ensure it adheres with customer and industry standards.

Together with Consortiq, the Optelos’ platform enables organizations to seamlessly manage large scale UAS operations while using Optelos’ Drone Work Advisor platform to deliver efficient drone data.

“Our focus is on the importance of risk mitigation and safety,” said Paul Rigby, CEO and one of the founders of Consortiq. “We hope that taking our operational experience and integrating CQNet further enhances Optelos’ analytics and visual data management platform, providing further safety to Optelos’ client’s drone flight missions.”