The future of drone technology was on full display at Amsterdam Drone Week, which hosted 18 different conferences and events, including the EASA High Level Conference on Drones. Amsterdam Drone Week showcased numerous technologies and innovations that will change the way people think about how they travel and perform a variety of tasks that range from package delivery to infrastructure inspections.

Concepts like (MaaS) were discussed in detail at the event, but there was also plenty of talk about the present and future of regulation across the entire continent. Live demos and drone racing events also took place in what had to be one of the largest drone cages ever constructed, while sessions like “Essential Technologies for Integrated Air Traffic Management” and “Integrated Security Concepts for Drone Operations” kept attendees focused on the details that will help turn many of these concepts about the future into reality.

Creating a stable regulatory framework and strengthening the position of Europe as a whole for drones was a central theme at the EASA High Level Conference on Drones, while European Commission Violeta Bulc made sure that the many ministers at the event understood they have to be focused on innovation when it comes to regulation for this technology. She detailed the critical challenges and needed innovations in Europe, with safe landing, new materials and propulsion systems at the top of her list.

As a few examples of the variety that could be seen elsewhere on the conference program, Miriam McNabb from DroneLife discussed the realities of drone delivery and explained in detail why the delivery of medical and emergency supplies will likely define how this market and delivery methodology takes shape. Hendrik Bodecker from Drone Industry Insights explained where commercial drone technology currently sits on the Gartner Hype Cycle but also mentioned where air-taxi service is positioned on this same chart. Jacob Groote from KPN explained how the technology is enabling a 5G future, and what doing so means to KPN customers, the company and to the telecommunications industry as a whole.

These were just a few of the topics and discussion points from the event. Take a look below for more pictures and updates from Amsterdam Drone Week or click here to see all of the live coverage.