Few would argue that the regulatory environment around flying a drone for commercial purposes in Europe is fractured, but many have said the same thing about the drone market itself in this part of the world. Regional concerns are of top priority for many operators, but there are numerous issues that need to be dealt with at a higher level. We’ve explored what commercial drone opportunities exist for professionals across Europe and have also looked at what it will mean to create a UTM system in this area of the world, but where and how can industry stakeholders come together to drive these issues forward? Where can enterprise users connect with one another to get a better understanding around how and where drones can make an impact?

Commercial UAV Expo Europe was created to provide that kind of forum for these sorts of discussions and much more. It was a topic that host Randy Goers and event director Lisa Murray talked through in great detail on a recent episode of The Drone Radio Show - Where will you find the greatest concentration of UAS Professionals in Europe?

Across Europe, there are various regional events that showcase how professionals in that area are or want to be using drone technology. There’s no one event that’s completely focused on the pan-European audience, but that’s just part of what makes the Commercial UAV Expo Europe different.

uav-expo_02-27-700x400During the episode, Randy and Lisa discuss the needs of the European UAV market and how this event is designed to serve and meet those needs. We’ve talked about what sort of considerations need to be taken into account when choosing what drone show to go to, and many of those same considerations are a factor in Europe. Anybody working in Europe needs to recognize what’s happening in other countries, but they also talk through the following details…

  • The event is designed to provide the greatest concentration of UAS professionals in Europe and will be a signature forum for UAS professionals all across Europe. It will pull people in from across Europe while being specifically focused on the industrial applications of the technology, which are centered around industries like construction, oil & gas, mining, infrastructure inspections, precision agriculture and first response.

  • As the sister show to Commercial UAV Americas, the event will be similar in terms of the focus on professionals and how they’re actually using drone technology, but the content itself will be concentrated on what’s being done with it in that part of the world. Large enterprise users need a place to understand how other users of this type and size can and are using drones. The event is designed to provide that kind of forum for European operators and stakeholders.

  • As Lisa says on the podcast, the time was right to launch this event because drones are on the rise and on the minds of people in data capture industry. Users are looking for very specific info to obtain an understanding of how drones will save time or money. Despite the difficulties associated with regulation, people recognize that it’s a game changing technology, and there’s a lot to be gained from a pan-European forum where individuals can connect around issues that are impacting them and the entire industry.

  • Outside of these practicalities, the Drone Hero Europe contest will be a unique draw for the event. Innovators will demonstrate their drone applications to an audience of highly qualified potential customers and/or partners. Contestants will make their pitch around why they believe they should win the award, which is voted on by the jury. All finalists can present at event, and the winner is announced on the last day.

  • With a focus on the complicated industrial use of drones, the event is designed to appeal to engineering firms, service providers, large asset owners, law enforcement officials, precision agriculture professionals and construction organizations, but those are just a few examples of the type of people that will be able to find value at the event. Anyone using 3D capture technology will be able to get a better understanding of what the best solutions are and how their colleagues and even their competition are using drones. It’s designed to help move the industry move forward in multiple ways, and there’s nothing quite like it in the European market.

You can listen to the full episode, but here’s the last word from Lisa around why this will be such an important event for anyone who’s active in the drone community in Europe.

“If you’re a professional active in the market, you’re not going to get this level of programming and content at any other event in Europe,” she said. “There are lots of regional events and international events that have drones as a piece, but nothing specifically focused like the Expo. There’s no one event that’s completely focused on the pan-European audience and will draw from all over Europe.”

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