While there were a number of different products and companies that stood out at Interdrone 2016, it was tough to walk by the PRODRONE booth and not dwell on their amazing setup as well as the distinct products they were showcasing in it. I’ve seen drones that have a lot of different functions and features, but ones with arms and a UAV that looked like it was a collection of fans were completely new to me. These novelties are all about specific capabilities though, and they’re ones that have been designed to fit precise needs.

20160909_131920PRODRONE was founded in 2015 and they’ve developed customized drones on consignment for service providers and industrial companies that can meet the specific needs of those organizations. For instance, the drone I mentioned that looked like it was a collection of fans is the PD6-CI-L, and it has that design because it was created to address a key pain point in bridge inspections.

The design of the PD6-CI-L allows the drone to inspect a surface while hovering but it uses negative pressure to cling to the inspection surface. It can inspect ceilings, which includes the underside of bridges, and also cling to walls. Check out the video below of this self-propelling surface-clinging drone in action.



20160908_124625The drone with the arms is the PD6B-AW-ARM. It’s what caught the attention of most of the people who came by the booth, and for good reason. The world’s first dual robot arm large-format drone has a maximum payload of 44 lbs. while the arms themselves can carry up to 22 lbs. The capabilities of these arms include but are not limited to grasping and carrying cargo, attaching or joining objects, cutting cables, dropping lifesaving devices into emergency situations and retrieving hazardous materials.

It’s easy to get caught up in the potential and possibilities that certain drones possess, but after watching the physical tasks the PD6B-AW-ARM can perform, it’s hard not to dwell on just how many different things it could be used to do in various commercial enviornments.



Creating different potential and possibilities when it comes to using drones is the place that many manufacturers start from, and that’s often a good thing. Drones have and will continue to be utilized in an infinite number of ways, and allowing users to figure out how a UAV’s capabilities can and will best serve their needs allows them to create real opportunities.

PRODRONE has approached the issue from the other side of things by creating devices that fit specific needs which have been identified by professionals, such as the pain points in bridge inspections. That approach means these devices will meet an immediate need but still give those users an opportunity to explore how else the devices can and will improve their approach.

I’m hoping to explore more of the devices and capabilities PRODRONE has and will be creating, but in the meantime check out more from them at https://www.prodrone.jp/en/



The PD4-AW