We’ve talked about how REIN’s DroneInsurance.com is set to redefine expectations around insurance for commercial drone operators, as their platform is focused on finding areas of risk where data can be utilized to understand how real-world risks are changing things. However, that redefinition has been more about policy than process, and it’s why their recent announcement to streamline the experience around securing the right drone insurance is such a big deal.

DroneInsurance.com just announced a long-term collaboration with DroneDeploy that is set to empower operators with access to DroneInsurance.com’s personalized drone insurance solutions directly within DroneDeploy’s platform. It’s a development that came from a desire to provide drone operators with a seamless experience around securing the right drone insurance, which makes the process of obtaining drone insurance fast, simple and easy to understand.

The DroneInsurance.com App is now available in the DroneDeploy App Market. It’s been designed to provide a great experience and be a real benefit to current DroneInsurance.com customers that use DroneDeploy, as well as DroneDeploy users that are in need of drone insurance. There are multiple benefits and opportunities that are set to be opened up for users of all types though.

“This collaboration is about empowering commercial drone operators,” said Steve Rabbitt, President and Co-founder at REIN. “Enabling drone operators to access and manage their drone insurance coverage within the DroneDeploy App as they plan their flights not only saves them time and resources in the field -- it’s also a huge step forward in empowering their business with a robust toolset that helps them gain a competitive edge.”

The process to secure proper insurance for your operation is incredibly simple. After the DroneInsurance.com app has been added from the DroneDeploy App Market, users can create or utilize their existing DroneInsurance.com account. After doing so, the DroneDeploy dashboard will show your existing coverages. You will also be able to conveniently adjust coverage as needed — all within the DroneDeploy ecosystem.

Being able to do so much without leaving the DroneDeploy ecosystem makes the entire insurance process that much easier and simpler, and directly speaks to the concept of providing turnkey solutions that helps users increase efficiency, improve safety and deliver significant ROI that Mike Winn, CEO at DroneDeploy, talked about. These sort of ecosystems are set to become that much more powerful and pervasive thanks to future integrations that are already in the works.

“In the last month, we announced our integration with leading UTM platform, Airmap, and now with DroneDeploy,” Rabbitt told Commercial UAV News. “Our team is working hard at making DroneInsurance.com available within the drone tools used by most commercial drone pilots. We are excited to share additional new products and new collaboration announcements later this year!”

You can create your free DroneInsurance.com account today, or download DroneDeploy’s desktop and mobile mapping apps.