Verifly Increases Coverage Areas, Ups Limits and Time Periods

Securing on-demand drone insurance for commercial operations isn’t a new concept, and it’s one that we’ve previous explored in great detail with Verfily. The company was launched just last year to easily and simply provide coverage for anyone trying to figure out how they can build a business around services that are associated with drones.

Just this week, the company rolled out additional coverage areas, upped their limits and time periods to provide users with additional benefits. Pilots will now be able to select up to $2.5 million dollar liability policies, 4-hour and 8-hour packs along with enhanced coverage areas to extend the radius up to ½ mile.

“Each of these features open up new opportunities for our customers,” said Verifly CEO Jay Bregman. “I think the universal coverage / self-certification might be the most important.  There are lots of jobs that happen within a few miles of airports, heliports, stadia etc.  The self-certification features enables pilots to indicate in the app if they have appropriate permissions and will then provide insurance in those cases.”

The larger coverage area and larger policies make it easier for pilots to bind broader coverage and have more flexibility, which is something that many operators had identified as a critical need. Users have shared with the Verifly team the specifics of what they want and need from drone insurance, and that feedback helped guide the creation of these new features. Many of them topped the “wishlist” which helped the team identify how they could and needed to approach creating these options.

“The higher liability limit is another exciting feature,” Bregman continued. “It used to be that if you found one client who wanted a higher liability limit, a pilot's only option was to increase their coverage for the entire year - just to do one job!  Now, with Verifly, you can increase and decrease your coverage to match client requests job by job.  This saves pilots money and enables them to provide the right service to the right customer.”

The new 4 and 8 hour package sounded like they were designed to specifically speak to the flexibility that the service providers their customers, and they'll allow operators to fly exactly when and how they need to for a given project. That flexibility will remain a key consideration as operators work to make sure they’re maximizing their efforts, while staying covered in the air.

“Many of our customers have projects that are either full-day or half-day jobs,” Bregman said. “These timing options make it much easier for them to cover either period with one policy.  More broadly, we are seeing so many different types of projects from our customers and the drone industry is just starting to transform our lives.  So, we think that these options will only help our customers find innovative ways to use drones across the business landscape.”

We’ve all seen how on-demand services have changed the expectations for consumers and professionals of all types. Verifly’s new options will make their drone insurance service an even more powerful option and continue to change expectations of operators around how they can and should think about staying covered in the air.