Numerous people and organizations are focused on the data that drones can gather from the sky, and it’s gotten many to refer to drones as “sensors in the sky.” There’s an incredible amount of information that can be gathered from an aerial perspective, and as sensor technology becomes more and more refined, the data that’s being gathered will become more and more important to stakeholders in various industries.

aerialtronics_rae-visualisationThe kind of data that these sensors can gather is becoming incredibly varied though, and a recent development from Aerialtronics and RAE Systems BeNeLux is a perfect illustration of that fact. The two organizations are working together to deliver a solution that meets market demand for organizations that are tasked with policing, first response and environmental monitoring.

The MultiRAE Pro and MiniRAE 3000 monitors have been integrated into the Altura Zenith ATX8 UAS, which will allow users to assess potential HazMat risks in unstable environments by detecting and monitoring gasses, chemical threats and radiation from a safe distance. This newly integrated technology will enable professionals to assess the potential dangers of the atmosphere they are working in before exposing themselves to that environment.

Professionals working with poisonous chemicals, gasses and radioactive materials, as well as first responders and search & rescue organizations will all be able to utilize these tools to great benefit since the MultiRAE Pro and MiniRAE 3000 have been designed to detect a variety of threats present in the air. The ability to detect radiation, toxic and combustible gases, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and oxygen levels will allow users to quickly gather a great deal of vital information.

The development opens up new use cases since it can measure concentrations at different altitudes and in open air which previously was a lot harder if not impossible to do. Additionally, these kinds of autonomous systems are typically more cost effective when compared to traditional detection methods, especially for repetitive and predictable tasks.

While the drones are designed to be deployed rapidly in emergency response, they can also be used for scheduled monitoring of buildings and sites. They are flying platforms that can take a variety of payloads up to 3kg, and the system can be customized for a specific use case. Their ability to quickly provide vital information in emergency situations can have a major impact on how decisions are made and how these situations are efficiently and effectively resolved. Delays and bad information can cause additional problems, which is why the market demand for this kind of tool is so pronounced.

These solutions are available now for the Altura Zenith, and there are a variety of options that can be utilized which depend on the detector or sensor combinations required. Get in touch with the Aerialtronics team to find the best solution for your particular needs.