Being able to fly through and into inaccessible places is a capability that is useful in various markets and contexts. Flyability has created the Elios to do just that. It has opened up opportunities for UAVs in a number of applications where access was previously too dangerous or simply impossible. These opportunities are mainly in the industrial inspection industry, where the drone can simplify the process around how, when and where to gather essential information.

Roberto Passini is Flyability's Head of Sales, and he helped explain what makes the product different, part of which is about the protective shell that surrounds the drone which allows it to hit objects and keep flying, meaning that it has no issue going through small spaces like a vent or tube. Speaking to us at the Commercial UAV Expo, he also talked through how customers in oil & gas are using the drone, how the product is making a bottom line impact and what it means to use the drone in order to make everything more efficient and safer.

Roberto also gives us a quick demo of the drone in action to show how the Elios can fly through some very small and confined spaces.