Whether photogrammetry can or should be used in place of LIDAR is question that professionals have been weighing out in many different situations and contexts, but it's not the right question to be asking. Ultimately it's really not a case of "either/or" when it comes to LIDAR and photogrammetry in the context of aerial surveying, because there are certain situations and projects where one is going to be a better fit than the other. More than anything else, these kinds of decisions need to be driven by the needs and requirements of the project. To see that topic fully explored, check out the full Figuring Out Aerial Surveying with a Drone Instead of Arguing About Photogrammetry vs LiDAR article.

One of the experts I was able to connect with for that article was Phoenix Aerial Systems CEO Grayson Omans. His company specializes in providing solutions for collection and management of geo-spatial information and I was able to chat with Grayson at the 2016 Commercial UAV Expo. We discuss the sort of topics he talked through with attendees, when and why LIDAR is a fit to use on a drone and plenty more.