As we’ve already detailed, RIEGL used the Commercial UAV Expo for the North American launch of the miniVUX-1UAV, their new, entry-level product that is a user-friendly and cost-efficient option for anyone looking to acquire survey-grade measurement data from a UAV. Some of the features include a 360° field of view, scan speed up to 100 scans/sec, mechanical and electrical interface for IMU mounting as well as multiple target capability. The main applications of the product are in agriculture, construction, snowfield mapping and landslide monitoring. For full feature and application specifications, see the product page.

We were able to catch up with My-Linh Truong and Andres Vargas right after they wrapped their press conference to further explore a few of the details that were laid out during that press conference. The two discuss what has them excited about the product, what sort of feedback they’ve gotten around the miniVUX-1UAV so far, what sort of specific opportunities they see it creating and much more.