Drones that are able to capture info about a project or location from the sky have for the most part been the focus of both manufacturers and users, but as the technology has developed other opportunities have been opened up. Many of those opportunities are associated with physical tasks, and being able to use UAVs to detect radiological, biological and chemical threats to ensure the safety of countless people certainly qualifies as one of those tasks. As we’ve previously detailed, the Acecore Neo is an all-weather octocopter that has been designed to do exactly that.

Jeri Donaldson is the CEO and owner of FlyCam UAV, the US distributor for the Neo. We were able to catch up with her at the 2016 Commercial UAV Expo to talk about the impact the product is having in various environments. We also discuss how the US Nuclear Corp’s DroneRad aerial radiation detection system is designed to work with the drone, how the product changes the approach for people who are doing this sort of detection and plenty more.