We’ve talked about the challenges that exist around drone adoption on the farm, and many of them are related to what it means to effectively turn the data from a drone into actionable information. Growers want to know about the ROI associated with their use of a drone, because it’s not enough for them to simply gather data via a drone. Farmers want answers, and that’s why the collaboration agreement that was just signed between global contract research organization Eurofins Agroscience Services and the start-up Agrowing is such a big deal.

dsc01982The companies announced at Commercial UAV Expo Europe that they are working together to develop their concept of Remote and Close sensing for automatic pest & disease monitoring based on multispectral imagery. It’s notable in light of the over 25 years of experience in the crop protection industry that Eurofins offers, while Agrowing continues to transition the agriculture remote sensing process into an automatic one. Eurofins Agroscience Services field research teams are collecting pest and disease imagery across a variety of regions and cropping systems to feed Agrowing algorithms, which means users will get defined information that tells them something specific, rather than data they have to interpret.

“As a global leading group for the field evaluation of crop protection solutions, Eurofins Agroscience Services is eager to demonstrate how multispectral data can contribute to monitor crop health” said Emilie Guillard, Field Innovation Director.

Agrowing is dedicated to revolutionizing crop detection and diagnostics with their high-end multispectral solutions, which makes the collaboration with Eurofins such an interesting fit. Their development of powerful algorithms for real-time crop image analysis will go a long ways toward defining the specifics that growers want and need from the info gathered by drones.

Ira Dvir at Commercial UAV Europe

Ira Dvir at Commercial UAV Europe

"We are very lucky to have found the perfect world leading partner for creating the world's first multispectral imagery bank, of high resolution images of pests and agricultural diseases,” said Ira Dvir, co-founder and CEO of Agrowing. “Such imagery, collected systematically by Eurofins Agroscience's teams, enables us to offer machine-vision automatic systematics, and take precision agriculture to the next level.”

We’ve all seen the predictions around how much potential drones have in the agriculture industry, but plenty other have talked about the challenges associated with seeing this potential realized. This collaboration will go a long way toward seeing the potential of these predictions realized, because these are solutions that aren’t about data, but instead about actionable information. For growers that don’t have the time or interest in assembling their own drone solutions, that can mean all the difference in the world.