It’s been a busy couple months for senseFly. We’ve already covered how their new RTK/PPK-ready mapping drone provides options around gathering survey-grade data, and others have noted that they’ve upped the agriculture ante with the launch of the eBee SQ. Their commitment to creating tools that are both powerful and easy to use have and continue to create options for professionals working in agriculture, mining, surveying and more.

At the 2016 Commercial UAV Expo we talked with Briton Voorhees, Sales Engineer at SenseFly, about some of those options which are specifically being enabled by the eBee Plus. We also discussed the capabilities of their new sensor called the SODA. That stands for Sensor optimized for Drone Applications, and it was built specifically for drone applications.

For more details about the eBee Plus and the SODA, check out SenseFly’s eBee Plus: More Features, Not More Weight over on