Building upon their flight management system and mission to bring their end users a complete end-to-end process, SOARIZON recently announced a strategic partnership with CG Labs. The partnership will eventually enable end users to take advantage of the robust and impressive data processing toolset offered by CG Labs through SOARIZON. CG Labs data processing capabilities ranges from Thermal Condition Reporting, LiDAR manipulation, 2D orthomosaics, and 3D models to augmented and virtual reality and almost everything in between.

“This initial press release was to announce that we are strategically aligned,” explained Karim Cosslett, the Head of Growth and Digital Revenue at SOARIZON, when asked about what users should expect to see happen as this partnership develops. “As we move forward, we will start to provide our customers with discounted access to CG Labs’ processing capability and expertise, and users at CG Labs’ will, in turn, get discounted access to our services so that they can conduct safer more efficient flights. We are then hoping to move further along the integration path so that users will be able to intuitively upload, store, process, and download their data and insights all through the SOARIZON platform.”

According to Cosslett, the key differentiator that this alliance will bring to the end user is offering access to professional data processing and insights. This is in contrast to other end-to-end solutions out there that are giving end users access to software that enables them to process their own data. This ensures that end users are getting not only a high-quality data product but also the insights they are looking for.

“Some people can collect lots of data and put it into a data visualization tool and still not come out with the insight they are looking for,” pointed out Cosslett. “What we are providing is access to specialized and experienced individuals who can make the data insightful and offer real value to the end user. Our focus on partnering with CG Labs was to provide the best toolset to users so that they can acquire the data that they want and represent it in the way that they need to.”

In order to offer users a full end-to-end solution, Cosslett told Commercial UAV News that this partnership with CG Labs was just the beginning for SOARIZON and that we should expect the announcement of other alliances over the course of the year.

“The strategy for us is to develop an ecosystem of capability,” added Cosslett. “It’s not just about the flying or the data, it is that we provide end-users with a wrap around that is truly end-to-end. So, there will be lots of other partnerships to be announced over the coming weeks and months as we demonstrate more capability.”

Being able to offer drone operators and the enterprise access to an efficient, user-friendly, end-to-end solution is exactly what the industry needs to scale. Solutions like these are set to enable end users to offer additional value to their clients and grow the market.