Juggling the many aspects of drone operation management has been a major roadblock for commercial drone operations looking to scale. Preparing pre-flight checklists, planning flight paths, risk assessments, navigating the regulatory landscape, and processing post-flight records and logs can take days, if not weeks, of manual work. The amount of required documentation and records keeping has forced some operations to turn away work, leaving them unable to grow their businesses.

This is something that Callum Holland, customer success manager at SOARIZON, has experienced firsthand, which led him to his current position providing enterprise-ready flight management software for the commercial UAV industry. SOARIZON, a division of Thales, offers users a suite of drone management software that digitizes the end-to-end process making running enterprise operations a possibility.

We spoke with Holland at Commercial UAV Expo 2019 to discuss how SOARIZON is providing enterprise-level drone management solutions to enable pilots to fly more today and how this can help solve the problems of tomorrow.

For those who are interested in exploring this system more, you can try it out for free at www.soarizon.io.