Creating a framework for pan-European drone regulations has been a top priority for drone stakeholders across the continent, but there are numerous challenges with building that sort of ecosystem. The series of drone demonstrations from the SESAR Joint Undertaking (SESAR-JU) was designed to work through many of these issues, which is why all of the demonstrations are important to understand.

Based on a one-year long flight test campaign, the goal of the GEOSAFE project is to establish state-of-the-art geofencing solutions regarding drone traffic management (U-space) regulation that will help keep everyone in the air and on the ground safe. By determining how geofencing should be part of current flight planning solutions, the project will establish what it means to use geofencing to keep a drone out of certain pieces of airspace as well as how data is being transmitted and received when geofencing solutions are being utilized.

Updates and insights from the GEOSAFE project will be highlighted during the SESAR-JU Demonstration Projects track at Commercial UAV Expo Europe, where the main objectives of the tests will also be further explored. These tests will work through numerous situations that an automated drone will face in urban and rural areas. Effectively using geofencing technology to maintain safety in these areas will open up incredible opportunities for drone technology across Europe.

“We want to contribute to the expanded use of professional drones around the world,” said Emmanuel Guyonnet, Director, Strategy & Marketing, Drones & Helicopter Avionics, from Thales leader of the GEOSAFE project. “This goal can only be achieved if we can guarantee the safe and secure use of drones in urban or rural areas. We want to show regulators, operators and industrialists our results to open up a dialogue on the implementation of the geofencing system.”

The geofencing technology that GEOSAFE represents goes beyond “geoawarness”, which some countries in Europe do not view is enough to keep everyone safe. The geofencing solution that the GEOSAFE project has highlighted will maintain the level of safety and security that are required across the continent, which opens up opportunities related to scale. It’s one of the reasons geofencing is set to be such a big topic at Commercial UAV Expo Europe and for the drone industry as a whole.

“We really want to raise awareness about the power and utility of geofencing,” Emmanuel Guyonnet told Commercial UAV News. “Geofencing is an indispensable safety and security element in the use of professional drones, as well as a condition for drone-related business development. We’re looking forward to meeting with key players in the market to get their feedback and perspective on geofencing in order to share our progress and vision.”


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