The differences that drone technology can make when it comes to performing tasks in faster, cheaper and safer ways have been well documented, but those differences can’t be enabled as one-offs in an enterprise drone program. That’s why talk about a “complete drone solution” that multiple users can easily adopt and utilize across an organization has been so pervasive. That kind of solution can scale to create value in countless ways, which is why news of the partnership between Skyward, A Verizon company, and Parrot is so notable.

Skyward and Parrot are working together to deliver Parrot ANAFI drones along with Skyward drone program management, flight log sync, and training to U.S. enterprises. The package combines Parrot's new U.S.-manufactured ANAFI USA drones with Skyward's automatic flight logging and expert training from experienced aviators. It is designed to provide enterprises with a complete solution they don’t have to configure themselves to build and scale drone programs of all types.

Mariah Scott, President of Skyward, A Verizon company, mentioned that the partnership would allow operators to more easily utilize a robust management platform. She further detailed what types of people can get the most out of this solution as well as what type of familiarity someone might need to best utilize the system.

Skyward has always been focused on helping our customers build and scale enterprise drone programs, and prepare for the future of network fleet deployments,” Scott told Commercial UAV News. “Our customers range from enterprises just starting to develop drone programs to mature operations with hundreds of pilots and established processes for advanced operations. We offer solutions that can meet customers where they are - whether that be on the ground training and obtaining pilot certification to testing the most advanced drone use cases.”

The Parrot ANAFI USA drone and training package includes extended content on thermal applications. It features an industry-first 32x zoom, 4K HDR video, and thermal imaging capabilities. It’s ultraportable, weather-resistant, and ready to launch in 55 seconds.

This solution gives users drone hardware they can rely on, along with the policies and procedures, training, and automatic flight log sync to the software platform to manage it all. Given the myriad of options users have typically been forced to define their own “complete drone solution”, having everything they need in a single package eliminates the cumbersome processes that can hinder adoption and prevent enterprise users from unlocking the true value of the technology.

“Skyward is a one-stop shop for enterprises looking to build or scale their drone programs,” Scott continued. “Bundling ANAFI drones, drone management software, customizable policies and procedures, and virtual or in-person training offers everything you need to get out of the office and into the air.”

What it means to define and build a “complete drone solution” for the enterprise will in some ways always vary depending on the organization and user. However, being able to start the adoption process with the type of solution like the one Skyward and Parrot are offering will ensure that users can come to those definitions that much quicker to establish, cultivate and expand enterprise drone programs.


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