Talk about how drones are going to make tasks faster, cheaper and safer is pervasive throughout the industry, but what will it mean to actually enable these kinds of efficiencies? That's something the solutions from Optelos are designed to directly address, as their industry-specific AI machine learning algorithms will quickly and accurately analyze, identify and classify objects of interest to deliver business insights. Optelos’ Drone Work Advisor™ software platform is designed to help utility companies solve these data challenges in a number of intuitive and time-saving ways.

We wanted to explore exactly where and how these efficiencies are being created, so we connected with David Tran, co-founder at Optelos, at the Commercial UAV Expo to learn more. He talked to us about how the Optelos platform turns drone data into actionable information, what kind of a different Optelos has made for a company that has hundreds of acres of solar panels which needed to be inspected and much more.