Emerging Tech Showcase Part 1

As with any disruptive technology, innovations and improvements are happening daily, if not hourly in the commercial drone ecosystem. As an individual or business, it can be difficult to stay on top of the enhancements, product announcements, and new services out there that could make your workflow faster, easier, safer, or cheaper. This is why every year at Commercial UAV Expo Americas, we host a product preview of emerging technologies on the opening day of the event. These short presentations have given key attendees, buyers and sellers a chance to get together to discuss and learn about what is available and discover who can provide the solutions that are needed to bring the industry forward.

By going virtual, we realized that we had an opportunity to offer more chances for attendees and exhibitors to interact and learn from each other. So, we are kick starting this year’s event early by hosting our first Emerging Tech Showcase webinar.

Watch the presentations from each of our featured presenters below: