Zipline announced that our Platform 2 (P2) service will integrate into Mayo Clinic’s campuses in Jacksonville, Florida and Rochester, Minnesota. Mayo Clinic will use Zipline’s zero-emission, autonomous drones to quickly make deliveries directly to patients’ homes as part of its advanced hospital-at-home program.

Mayo Clinic is a world-leader in Advanced Care at Home, an innovative hospital-at-home program offering acute-level, inpatient-quality care to people in the comfort of their own homes. This announcement means if a caregiver, for instance, notices a need for an acute medical intervention, Zipline can deliver medications and supplies from the hospital to a person’s home within minutes. This helps patients and caregivers access what they need without having to drive to a facility. In the next few years, Zipline’s P2 service is expected to reach patients in 11 states, putting better care within reach of more than 30 million people in the United States alone.

Zipline's P2 home delivery service offers an innovative way to meet the day-to-day healthcare needs. 65% of patients say that assistance in getting transportation to the pharmacy could improve their medication use. Everyone benefits from reducing those barriers and making it easier to get and stay healthy. For example, if someone is diagnosed with strep throat via a telehealth appointment, their doctor could write a prescription during the appointment and have a pharmacist quickly load the medication into a Zip. The patient could track their delivery in real-time as the Zip takes off and flies to their home, quietly delivering the prescription minutes after the telehealth appointment ends. It’s a better experience for everyone involved and means people can stay at home instead of having to drive to a pharmacy while they’re sick and contagious. 

Zipline’s service is efficient and cost-effective. It is also better for the environment. Zips are electric, zero-emission aircraft. Every delivery we make is one that doesn’t go by car, which means there’s less traffic and pollution for everyone. 

We’re confident that Zipline is the best delivery experience on earth. Every day we make more than 1,000 deliveries to people all over the world and the feedback we receive is incredible. In the U.S. our average customer rating is greater than 9/10.

Zipline will soon launch P2, beginning in the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, to offer better home delivery of healthcare, retail products, and food with our partners such as Walmart, restaurants, and health systems.

Source: Zipline