UAV Coach, the nation’s top provider of drone education and training, has launched a drone mapping course in partnership with PilotByte that includes real world datasets, over 100 instructional videos, and guidance on finding drone mapping work. For those who want to dive deeper, UAV Coach is also offering two-day drone mapping workshops throughout the year, with the first one scheduled for April 27-28 in Orange County, CA.

Drone mapping is one of the top drone applications in the world. Called Drone Mapping Essentials, the new course is designed to help drone pilots quickly develop this crucial skill, allowing them to make more money and broaden their career opportunities.

“I’ve been working as a commercial drone pilot for over ten years, and drone mapping is one of the most reliable ways to increase your income,” says Dylan Gorman, founder of PilotByte and the Drone Mapping Essentials course instructor. “I’ve taught hundreds of drone pilots how to do mapping so they can grow their careers, and this course includes everything I wish I knew when I was first getting started.”

The course covers everything from data capture to data processing for high-quality map creation. Created by drone pilots who sell drone mapping as a service and have trained others to do it, the course includes guidance on key areas such as choosing the right equipment, flight planning, how to ensure accuracy with data collection, how to get the best outputs from your data, and how to thrive in competitive markets.

The in-person workshops present an opportunity for pilots to develop their drone mapping skills even further, taking the knowledge learned in the course and putting it to use in the field with the guidance of a master instructor.

“Our focus at UAV Coach has always been on helping commercial drone pilots gain the knowledge and skills they need to be successful,” says Brad Tucker, CEO of UAV Coach. “The Drone Mapping Essentials course is a milestone, representing a major step forward in our work to give drone pilots the tools they need to make a sustainable and successful career out of flying.”

The first in-person workshops are scheduled over the next three months in Orange County, Houston, Atlanta, Denver, Richmond, and Chicago, with more dates and locations to come. See the schedule and learn more about the Drone Mapping Essentials workshops here, and learn more about the Drone Mapping Essentials course here.

UAV Coach is the nation’s top provider of drone education and training. UAV Coach specializes in helping people get their commercial drone license through their online test prep course, Drone Pilot Ground School, with a 99% pass rate, which has helped over 60,000 drone pilots pass the FAA’s Part 107 test. UAV Coach offers free and paid educational resources for drone pilots, including in-person training and free access to the FAA’s TRUST for recreational flyers. UAV Coach was founded in 2015 with the mission of empowering drone pilots every step of their journey.

Source: Press Release