At Commercial UAV Expo, there were no shortage of solutions on the show floor that enable the collection of data for every imaginable use case. Laser scanning, mobile laser scanning and UAV imaging systems can now produce terabytes of point cloud and image data for every project. This abundance of data can have a downside, however, when it comes to data processing and management. How can this data be made into useful, actionable information? And what’s the best process that makes sense for your projects?

For TopoDOT, these difficulties were top of mind when they developed their processing software. TopoDOT is designed to extract topography, 3D models, GIS Assets, and more from point cloud data—regardless of whether it was collected by air, by hand, or by vehicle. We caught up with TopoDOT Business Development Director Jennifer Triana to get some insights into how TopoDOT software can help streamline the data management process for UAV projects and beyond. 

Watch the interview below: