Septentrio’s precision GNSS systems has been embedded in drone mapping applications for quite some time, but they are starting to see new use cases for their solutions such as delivery drones and precision agriculture. Being able to provide these new markets with precision GNSS capability that is capable of protecting against interference and spoofing attacks is increasing safety and accuracy for these industries.

Septentrio’s newest solutions, their GNSS/INS System, Mosaic, and software systems, are looking at increasing precision and making lightweight GNSS options. The GNSS/INS system provides users with their orientation angle as well as their position, which adds another level of precision for mapping with Lidar systems and more. The Mosaic module provides uncompromised high-precision positioning in a small, lightweight GNSS system, which enables smaller drones to adopt GNSS technology while operating within weight restrictions.

Gustavo Lopez, spoke with Commercial UAV News at the Commercial UAV Expo 2019 to discuss Septentrio’s new GNSS/INS system and Mosaic GNSS, their new software, and other topics.

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