When we talk about orientation data and spatial accuracy, we are looking beyond simply knowing the roll, pitch, and yaw of a drone. Being able to integrate this information to other sensor data enables users to deliver high-precision data products, which is helping define the value of these systems across many commercial industries. As it pertains to safety and regulations, having accurate, up-to-the-second headings is critical for enabling complex autonomous solutions. When flying beyond visual line-of-sight (BVLOS), being even a few feet off your desired location can have disastrous effects.

This is one of the many reasons why developing ever better high-precision inertial systems, like the recent release of SBG Systems’ third generation Ellipse RTK Inertial Navigation Systems series, is vital for pushing the industry forward.

In an exclusive video interview, Commercial UAV News spoke with Alexis Guinamard, CTO of SBG Systems, about the release of their new lightweight miniature INS/GNSS Ellipse series, and how these products will enable the drone community to gather more precise and accurate data faster with its new RTK capabilities, 64-bit Architecture, dual-frequency, dual-antenna, and quad constellations GNSS. 

Watch our interview with Guinamard below: