Any commercial drone service knows that when running an unmanned aerial mission any malfunction of your drone platform not only extends the mission by minutes, hours, or even days, it can also be costly in a multitude of ways in terms of reputation, hours on the job, and more.

These types of scenarios can have far reaching effects on the industry. Because we are still working to define for businesses the value of drone platforms in terms of cost, efficiency, reliability, and safety, any malfunctioning drone can have bearing on whether we are able to deliver on that value. This can have a negative impact on our industry’s reputation, especially if a drone were to fall out of the sky due to poor maintenance or servicing.

Understanding just how important a functioning and reliable drone fleet is for the industry, Robotic Skies developed a global maintenance, repair, and overhaul network for unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to provide field maintenance, inspection, and repair support that customers need to deliver on the value that drones can provide. Robotic Skies has built its approach around well-tested manned aviation methodologies, enabling many fleets to confidently scale their drone fleets.

Recently, AeroVironment, a global leader in UAS, teamed up with Robotic Skies to provide this level of service to their customers.

“Our customers rely on AeroVironment’s market-leading unmanned aircraft systems to perform critical missions, making timely field maintenance and local support essential,” said Rick Pedigo, AeroVironment vice president of sales and business development, in a recent press release. “By teaming with Robotic Skies, our valued customers can expect an even higher level of responsiveness and customer service through a broad service center network, which comprises 200 independently owned and operated, certified repair stations. This relationship will enable our customers to keep their UAS in operation, maximizing their productivity.”

Because many of AeroVironment’s platforms, like the VAPOR helicopter UAS, is capable of operating BVLOS and operating heavy and expensive payloads, this level of added maintenance support is not only a case for safety, it is what will enable these systems to get clearance to conduct critical advanced operations.

“We are excited to work with AeroVironment as they grow their fleet,” said Brad Hayden, Robotic Skies Founder and CEO, in the same press release. “For example, the VAPOR helicopter unmanned aircraft system is capable of operating beyond visual line of sight, and for customers flying under a FAA Part 107 line of sight waiver there are specific requirements to maintain the aircraft in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations. With Robotic Skies, AeroVironment customers can get the benefit of high-quality, OEM-certified maintenance and the peace of mind knowing they can meet any maintenance-related waiver requirements.”

The importance of proving, with a high-level of certainty, that your drone platform will operate safely in the airspace cannot be understated; it can make the difference between obtaining a critical waiver and staying grounded. This is what Robotic Skies is now able to support for AeroVironment customers. 

For those who are interested in learning more about Robotic Skies’ maintenance services, they may contact AeroVironment at [email protected] or Robotic Skies at [email protected]