Held at the Dubai World Trade Center in October 2022, the Gulf Information Technology Exhibition (GITEX) brought various companies together to exhibit revolutionary developments, innovative technologies, futuristic solutions, and more. California-based Realtime Robotics (RtR) marked its presence by introducing its drone brand HERA, launched earlier this year, to the Middle East market.

Small enough to fit in a backpack, yet powerful enough to lift 33-lb payloads, the HERA drone mounts four gimbaled payloads simultaneously and delivers 360-degree FOV for every payload. The drone folds down to a 22”x13.7”x9” dimension (backpackable) and a 39”x45”x22” dimension when deployed, which takes under one minute to do so. Carrying a 5.7-lb Phase One P3 payload, the HERA drone can fly for up to 46 minutes, or 56 minutes without payload, and uses concealed landing gears for optimal aerodynamics, visibility, and portability.

Running AI algorithms at the edge using Nvidia SOM, HERA recognizes, tracks, focuses, and takes imagery of any objects of interest autonomously, generating a threefold increase in data capture productivity, and a reduction of labor costs. It is PPK and RTK ready,and features 360-degree obstacle avoidance in all weather conditions—be it either day, night, or in smoke, rain, dust, and more.

Designed for inspections, mapping, defense, search and rescue, geospatial, and tethered applications, the HERA drone is “a Swiss Army knife drone, increasing productivity by 100% and ROI up to 300%”, RtR claims. In addition to designing and manufacturing drones in-house (including airframes, electronics, payloads, ground control stations, batteries, chargers, control firmware, and analytical software), RtR’s drones also meet data security requirements by the US government (NDAA compliance).

In search and rescue, where seconds can mean the difference between life and death, HERA has already made a difference. Earlier this year, RtR showcased the drone’s capabilities, equipping it with a Vian Sight (visual and thermal lens) along with heavy supplements. With the ability to focus and track targets accurately using the Vian Sight, the HERA drone also carried a smart-designed dropping mechanism, allowing it to deliver six medical kits/4 life vests to save people in critical conditions.

Through GITEX, RtR managed to increase awareness of the company and the HERA brand, as well as research and understand the potential of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) market. As one of MENA’s major industries, RtR expects to provide drone solutions for oil and energy, where the HERA’s system equipped with FLIR’s OGI camera stands out in gas leak detection.