Drone Harmony and FlyNex have collaborated to create an all-in-one solution for data collection with drones. Aimed at the construction, energy, telecommunications, and real estate industries, the platform allows for integrated mission planning in a scalable cloud-based drone management platform. The solution is designed to improve facility and building inspections, documentation, surveying jobs, and related tasks.

For the collaboration, the Switzerland-based software firm Drone Harmony worked to create a three-dimensional data collection process with tools for automated missions. For its part, FlyNex, a Germany-based drone management platform, focused on the workflow of planning drone operations. This effort involved integrating devices, teams, and projects, and connecting third-party solutions for data analysis.

Andreas Dunsch, CEO and Co-Founder of FlyNex GmbH, told Commercial UAV News that drone pilots and others interested in the data collection solution can take advantage of extensive training and support services. “We usually offer everyone interested a comprehensive introduction to our software, including the use of the mission planning by Drone Harmony, individually depending on the use case,” he said. “In addition, we provide training for companies, where we introduce employees to the topic of drones and the use of our software, depending on their level of knowledge.”

Dunsch also stated that they provide “proof of concept” run-throughs to ensure that users fully understand and effectively implement that data collection platform. “We run through a complete project together with our customer and show how the use of drones in connection with the FlyNex platform could look like,” he reported. “We also intensively and successfully support our customers in integrating drones into existing work processes.”