In a new partnership with Drone Harmony (DH), Globe Flight is now an exclusive distributor of Drone Harmony's flight management software in the German and Austrian markets. In addition, Globe Flight made a financial contribution to accelerate the development of DH’s software.

Developed for the DJI Dock, DH’s flight management software provides situational awareness, planning, and visualization capabilities for Dock sites. Taking advantage of DH’s FULL-3D technology, users can visualize DJI Dock sites in rich 3D, complete with terrain models and point clouds. With live feeds from multiple DJI Docks seamlessly integrated into a realistic virtual environment, users can monitor critical parameters instantaneously, improving situational awareness, and empowering operators to make more informed decisions and extract deeper insights from their data.

With streamlined planning workflows, enterprises can efficiently execute various missions, from 2D and 3D mapping to tower inspection and search and rescue missions. Captured images are intelligently organized by time, date, dock, and flight, making post-mission analysis a breeze. The automatic geolocation of images and their overlay on maps and 3D views transforms data into actionable insights, further enhancing decision-making processes.

Furthermore, DH streamlines scalability and efficiency by offering a single, intuitive interface for managing diverse sites. Scaling operations becomes as simple as adding a new site to the enterprise account, enabling organizations to expand their reach quickly.

The platform supports open interfaces and data integration, seamlessly connecting with other systems and databases. This level of integration enables users to harness existing resources, making drone operations an integral part of their workflow. A rich API lets customers and partners seamlessly integrate their data flows with Drone Harmony, allowing anything from data downloading to video stream sharing.

To ensure critical information remains within your control, DH’s solution addresses the security of sensitive data head-on by providing options for on-premise deployment or within a private network. The system can be deployed in any of the following configurations:

  • Custom Server:The entire solution is deployed on the user’s IT infrastructure.
  • Shared Secure Server:The solution is deployed on a secure or certified server in the user’s country or region that is shared among other users of a known category (e.g. law enforcement).
  • Drone Harmony Server:The solution is deployed on a Microsoft Azure Server in the EU.

The DJI Dock is a pivotal piece of this technological puzzle. Rapid charging capabilities, active temperature control, and versatile camera options perfectly complement Drone Harmony’s capabilities. The integration of wide, zoom, and thermal cameras, along with a laser rangefinder, equips operators with an all-encompassing toolkit for aerial inspection and survey missions.

From enhancing data security to providing situational awareness and improving flight planning, DH believes this platform sets a new standard for aerial operations. Ready for a wide range of commercial and public safety applications, the drone-in-a-box solution is now available through Globe Flight's extensive dealer network.