3DUserNet, an easy-to-use platform for creating, viewing, storing, and sharing 3D projects online, will soon launch a comprehensive and high-quality streaming and work platform for all 3D & 2D Survey Data and Imagery outputs. With the exponentially increasing volumes of data collected with drones, cloud platforms are a great way to store and collaborate on that data. Because 3DUserNet has servers in 15 worldwide locations this also improves speed and reliability.

Set to launch in April 2021, the new 3DUserNetVISION platform will allow users to integrate images, 360 panoramics, orthomosaics, mapping, and project documentation onto 3D textured meshes as well as point clouds, along with models and line work in the one online viewer.

To assist digital transformation and profitability for UAV service operators and customers, VISION provides tools to create, share, and collaborate on deliverables for efficient inspections, monitoring, asset management, as well as survey tasks of any length and scale, all in one place. It can stream thousands of geo-located images into the 3D view, pinpoint images showing areas of interest, overlay orthographic views onto maps, measure, annotate, and link documents in all data types to produce thorough deliverables, and more.

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