Supporting women in the drone industry shouldn’t be about playing a numbers game—how many women you have employed—but rather about developing a supportive, inclusive framework that will attract and keep qualified women in the field by providing paths that can lead to growth and success not only for them but for the industry as well. But what does it mean to support and be inclusive of women in this space, and what does that support actually look like? Join us for free at Commercial UAV Expo Americas' Virtual Women in Drones Panel, Wednesday Sep 16, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM PDT, to join the discussion. You can Register here.
This is the next installment in a multi-part series that helps to reimagine what a professional in the drone space can look like, and more.

Lisa Ellman is the chair of the Global Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Group at the global law firm Hogan Lovells, where she focuses on domestic drones and other emerging technologies. She co-founded and leads the Commercial Drone Alliance, an independent non-profit organization that is supporting the growth and adoption of the drone industry. Her primary focus has been on bridging the gap between policy, regulation, and law and businesses in the industry. Her expertise and knowledge have been recognized both inside and outside the industry, making her a powerful voice and enabler for the industry, especially for women.

One of the many ways Ellman has supported women in the industry has been to not only be on the Advisory Board for Commercial UAV Expo Americas, but to encourage the development of the Women in Drones panel, which is held every year at the Commercial UAV Expo Americas event. 

Commercial UAV News spoke with Ellman to discuss how she came to the drone industry, the challenges the drone industry is currently facing, how we can take the industry to the next level, and much more.

Watch the full video interview here: