Asylon, Inc. is proud to announce a new approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) drone operations using its American-made drone-in-a-box system. This achievement for the Asylon DroneSentry system marks a pivotal moment in the progression of regulatory approvals that open up the application and viability of drones at scale.   

Building upon Asylon’s eight previously received FAA waivers for their turnkey security drone service, this approval removes the requirement for on-site personnel during flight operations at a customer site. With more than 40,000 fully automated commercial security drone missions completed to date, this approval is the result of extensive testing and collaboration with the FAA to ensure the safety and reliability of the DroneSentry drone-in-a-box system. The company has demonstrated its ability to operate the system safely and effectively in various environments and conditions, paving the way for its widespread adoption and use in commercial and industrial settings. This new BVLOS milestone underscores the company’s dedication to safety, reliability, and innovation in drone technology. 

A unique aspect to this approval is the use of Asylon’s 24/7 Robotics Security Operations Center (RSOC) as the Remote Pilot in Command. Asylon uses their RSOC for remote drone operations around the country 24/7/365 for customers, ensuring constant monitoring and operations.   

“This approval is the golden ticket of the industry, it is what every major player has been working towards.  The BVLOS waiver and removal of the need to have on-site personnel opens up our capabilities, flexibility, and ability to meet customer needs at the scale they’re requesting.  This success is a testament to the Asylon team’s consistent delivery of 24/7 operations for our customers and our safety-first dedication,” said Brent Mclaughlin, Co-Founder and COO at Asylon Robotics. 

BVLOS drone operations represent the future of drone technology and unlock a myriad of new applications and capabilities. With this approval, Asylon has positioned itself as a pioneer in this emerging marketplace, setting new standards for safety and performance in nationwide operations.   

Source: Asylon