At Commercial UAV Expo Americas, we host a Women in Drones panel discussion as well as a series of networking opportunities throughout the event. These activities provide an opportunity to bring everyone in the industry together to network, build professional knowledge, and talk about ways we can work together on building an equal and gender-diverse playing field, all within a gender-neutral space. As we move to a virtual event this year, we are looking forward to exploring new ways of engaging the industry about women in drones and leveraging digital technology, enhanced by AI matchmaking, to facilitate new ways to connect.

We are already discovering how the industry is adapting to our new virtual normal and is finding ways to keep conversations about gender equality front and center. For example, Commercial UAV News recently attended a live panel discussion hosted by Unmanned Underground titled “Women in Drones”, which included Commercial UAV Expo Director, Lisa Murray as one of the panelists. During the discussion, the panelists brought up a number of powerful ideas and insights about the industry and raised some equally important questions.

To discuss through some of these ideas, insights, and questions, I connected with fellow journalist and professional in the drone space, Miriam McNabb, Editor-in-Chief of Dronelife. During the interview, we talked about the public perception of drones and ways to improve it, the consolidation happening in the drone industry, the importance of integrating drones into daily life especially within education, ways media can help educate the public, and much more.

Watch the full interview below: