We all know the value more streamlined drone regulations can provide across multiple industries, but nowhere is the need more critical than with public safety and emergency services. Being able to fly beyond visual line of sight can mean the difference between a successful mission and a tragedy. With tactical BVLOS waivers and other efforts being put forth by the FAA, we are headed in the right direction, but there is still more to do to simplify these processes.

In the meantime, agencies are coming together to form organizations, like the Regional Disaster Preparedness Organization (RDPO), to create standard operating procedures across public safety agencies and state lines and to enable advanced operations for their members. To learn more about these organizations and how working together can enable advanced operations for public safety, Commercial UAV News spoke with Jeff Pricher, Fire Chief at Scappoose Rural Fire District, a member of the RDPO; Chuck Bagnato, Test Range Manager at Tillamook UAS Test Range; and Kevin Tucker, President at Tillamook UAS Test Range about developing standards for public safety organizations and the COA process for obtaining waivers for advanced operations from the FAA across their organization.

Watch the Full Interview Below: