Last month at IACP 2022, Motorola Solutions announced new public safety technology advancements to provide first responders with the information they need to make the best and safest decisions in the field. To that end, the company is now integrating live-stream information from drones and robots into CommandCentral Aware.

From fleeing cars to rising flood levels, drones provide agencies with updated and critical information about ongoing events, allowing teams to rapidly make informed decisions from a safe distance, reducing injuries, and saving lives. Designed for law enforcement and fire and emergency services, Motorola’s purpose-built drone video and flight control software, CAPE, facilitates safe local and remote piloting, secure live streaming anywhere in the world, and evidence-grade video management.

“The benefit of a drone-as-a-first-responder (DFR) program is better-informed decisions,” said Don Redmond, formerly the captain of the Chula Vista Police Department. “When the officer arrives on scene, they have every bit of information they need to be successful and resolve the situation in a calm, safe and peaceful manner.”

Since Motorola’s CommandCentral already works as a hub to unify all real-time data and video streams into a secure common operational view, the logical step for the company was to integrate CAPE into the platform.

By combining the power of CAPE with CommandCentral, Motorola provides agencies with increased visibility in emergency situations, allowing them to visualize drone locations and access live streams alongside other critical resources and incident data on a single map. Additionally, video from CAPE-equipped drones can be supplemented by real-time feeds from a mix of fixed video systems, and users can immediately share critical insights, all from within CommandCentral.

Similar to Percepto’s AIM solution, which combines drones with Boston Dynamic’s Spot for construction and surveying applications, Motorola’s CommandCentral can now collect data and stream video from ground robots. Integrating exclusively with Motorola Solutions’ software, Company Six throwable ReadySight robot is a small, low-cost robot that navigates multiple terrain types and obstacles, providing situational awareness via real-time video and audio communication in uncertain and dangerous areas. In addition, Motorola chose to integrate Ghost Robotics’ Vision 60 Q-UGV, a mid-size, agile, all-weather legged robot that easily navigates a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments, keeping human and K9 officers out of harm’s way.

“Our innovation is driven by the need to help first responders better understand complex threats,” said Mahesh Saptharishi, executive vice president and chief technology officer, Motorola Solutions. “We believe officers should be able to manage any incident from the field, which means surfacing insights from across public safety systems and sharing critical information across a network of connected officers and vehicles.”