The Kansas Proving Grounds at Great Plains Industrial Park, a leading facility for testing and innovation, is proud to announce its partnership with SkyscoutAI Innovations Inc., a pioneer in AI-powered wildfire detection and response using drones and satellites. This collaboration marks a significant step in the deployment of cutting-edge anti-wildfire drone technology at America's first carbon zero industrial park.

Kansas Proving Grounds at Great Plains Industrial Park 6,800 acre is a 6,80development site focused on commercialization of leading industrial, energy, defense, manufacturing, and logistics technologies.

Brad Reams, Director of the Great Plains Industrial Park, expressed excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to join forces with SkyScoutAI to introduce their advanced wildfire drone and AI solution to our 14,000-acre park. This initiative offers a vital tool in addressing the growing threat of wildfires and our commitment to public safety."

Scott Shepherd, CEO of SkyScoutAI, added, "Our collaboration with the Kansas Proving Grounds is a strategic move to position our wildfire solution using a network of drones and satellites in the heart of the continent. We believe this partnership will be instrumental in detecting and combating wildfires, ultimately protecting lives and property here and around the world."

The partnership will initiate a pilot project to train wildfire drone pilots, including local individuals and veterans from across North America. The trained pilots will also utilize SkyScoutAI technology to monitor the 14,000-acre Great Plains Industrial Park for potential wildfire and industrial fire outbreaks and take their skills back to their own communities.

SkyScoutAI employs a comprehensive network of satellites and drones to rapidly detect early signs of wildfires. Upon detection, the system dispatches tanker drones equipped with environmentally safe fire retardants to extinguish or contain the fires. SkyScoutAI also offers the capability to pre-spray properties and land to prevent ignition, adding an extra layer of protection in areas prone to wildfires.

The mobility of SkyScoutAI's drone systems, which can be housed in easily transportable customized trailers, ensures swift deployment to regions at risk of or currently experiencing wildfires. This agility, combined with the system's affordability and scalability, makes it an essential tool for communities, property owners, and agencies facing the challenge of unprecedented wildfire incidents.

SkyScoutAI and the Kansas Proving Grounds are now formalizing the financing of the first pilot project, with the goal of making it available for the coming wildfire season.

About the Kansas Proving Grounds:
The Kansas Proving Grounds' home is Great Plains Industrial Park, America's first carbon neutral industrial park dedicated to testing and innovation of sustainable, low carbon technologies. Located outside of Parsons, Kansas, the proving grounds serve as a hub for the development and deployment of sustainable technologies, creating local employment and advancing America's journey to a low-carbon future. For more information, visit

About SkyScoutAI Innovations Inc.:
SkyScoutAI Innovations Inc. specializes in wildfire detection and prevention, utilizing AI, drones, and satellite surveillance to protect communities, properties, and lives from the threat of interface wildfires. The company's platform and drones can quickly detect small fires or ember hotspots, pinpoint their location, and dispatch Tanker Drones™ to the site within minutes, keeping carbon emissions from wildfires out of the atmosphere. For more information, visit

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