A few years ago, infiniDome CEO Omer Sharar, needed to solve a problem. His synchronization and timing customers in Israel, including telecommunications firms, banks, and government missile defense systems, were using global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) as their primary source of timing.

Sharar tried to find existing solutions for global positioning system (GPS) protection for positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) systems for these customers. But the existing systems were large, heavy, expensive, and highly classified.

Because of these limitations, Sharar knew that a new solution had be developed. And he knew that this new solution had to fit not only fighter jets and helicopters but also multi-copters, fixed-wing UAVs, and even critical infrastructure timing systems.

In time, he and his team developed infiniDome's patented Phased-Array Anti-Jamming technology

Designed to protect GPS (GNSS) receivers from jamming, “the technology combines patterns from multiple Omni-directional antennas in real-time to create a new pattern that attenuates the strong jamming signal,” Sharar stated. “infiniDome solutions are retrofit and could be added on almost effortlessly to any GNSS-based system as they are compatible with any GNSS receivers and any antennas off the shelf.”

Sharar explained that GPS jammers are highly effective in compromising safety and security in autonomous vehicles (in the air, ground on sea) that are almost entirely GPS-dependent due to the extremely weak power of their signals received here on earth. He said that GPS-related catastrophes are caused by an increase as the use of jamming devices—devices that can be easily bought online for as little as $20-$50—rises every year.

“Such a simple and cheap device can block all GNSS signals in a radius of at least 100 meters and could be amplified easily with electronics bought at Radio Shack,” he stated. “infiniDome saw the need for innovative solutions that protect our safety and security as the adoption of autonomous systems grows exponentially and used in more complex applications.”

infiniDome’s GPSdome 1 was released in 2019. Delivering the first ever dual-use GPS protection that meets stringent C-SWaP requirements for even light, class-1 drones, the GPSdome is inexpensive, small (74 x 47 x 25mm, 150g), and powerful (max power consumption: <0.8W).

Building on this technology, infiniDome now offers a range of products that can be used for both commercial and military applications. Sharar pointed out that these products offer many advantages, including a robust navigation system, 50x protection for the GPS system, and the ability to be retrofit for OEM.

This technology can be used to address a variety of real-world issues, Sharar asserted.

“For example, over the past year, there have been several incidents in China where drones in light shows would fall from the sky on top of spectators, cars, trees, and anything else in their path. One of these instances happened in the city of Zhengzhou, where 200 drones took to the skies and were jammed, causing them to tilt at a slight angle and fly until crashing into another drone or object then making their descent down onto a crowd of people,” he reported. “The cause of the jamming is believed to be from a rival, intentionally jamming the show. Had these drones been protected, the incident could have been prevented.”

Looking ahead, Sharar said that infiniDome aims to use its technology to solve other problems facing its military and commercial customers. One area of interest is insurance liability.

“In the defense space, if a drone falls in enemy territory, that could create a problem,” he stated. “In the commercial space, if a drone falls on a pedestrian’s head that creates a huge insurance liability calling for regulating mandatory protection. We believe our technology can help in these areas.”