Mississippi-based WISPR Systems, a leading manufacturer of commercial drones, is excited to announce a partnership with Gremsy, one of the top manufacturers for camera gimbal stabilizers for unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The all-new SkyScout from WISPR Systems is the ideal drone for mapping surveying, construction and power line inspection, and WISPR has partnered with Gremsy to support the innovative drone. Gremsy currently supports SkyScout with four products – Pixy SC-24, Pixy LR S-port, Vio F1/G1 and Zio – and the integrated Pixy SC-24 for SkyScout began shipping in April 2024.

“WISPR takes pride in the craftsmanship of our drones, and we believe this partnership with Gremsy will only enhance the user experience,” said John McArthur, vice president of sales and marketing for WISPR Systems. “We look forward to continuing to expand this partnership with Gremsy products that align well with our portfolio.”

WISPR was founded in 2016, and its products are proudly made in the U.S. WISPR Systems strives to manufacture reliable and affordable U.S.A. commercial unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) with turnkey payload options for commercial operations. Its drones support various industries such as surveying, mapping, telecommunications, utilities, public safety and more.

“WISPR’s proprietary software system is designed to offer an unparalleled flight experience, combining advanced navigation tools, real-time data analytics and user-friendly interfaces that make piloting a breeze for both novices and professionals,” McArthur said.

Throughout a decade of experience in manufacturing, assembling and supporting UAV gimbals and payloads, Gremsy has consistently delivered products tailored to accommodate a diverse range of drone-mounted cameras and sensors, including those from reputable brands such as Sony, PhaseOne, Micasense, Flir and Workswell, among others. In the collaborative effort with WISPR Systems, Gremsy introduces the Pixy SC-24, a custom gimbal meticulously engineered to optimize the performance of ADTi cameras. Integrated seamlessly into the SkyScout platform, this pioneering gimbal solution represents a comprehensive approach to addressing various industrial applications, namely surveying, mapping and inspection.

“Specifically in this collaboration, Gremsy's gimbal systems are crafted with complete customization capabilities, optimizing payload weight and size,” said Jay Huynh, Gremsy head of sales division. “We feature a hot-swappable mechanism allowing for a seamless transition between a diverse array of Gremsy’s payloads, including VIO, ZIO, and Pixy LR S-port, which enhances convenience for both professional custom developers and end-users.”

Founded in 2016, WISPR Systems strives to manufacture reliable and affordable U.S.A. commercial Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) with turnkey payload options for commercial operations. WISPR Systems supports various industries with our drones such as surveying, mapping, telecommunications, utilities, public safety and much more.

As a Mississippi-based enterprise, we take great pride in upholding the traditions of hard work and innovation that have defined our state for generations. This cultural foundation empowers us to craft cutting-edge solutions for our customers and adapt to the ever-evolving technological landscape. WISPR Systems thrives in Mississippi, recognizing that our employees are our most valuable asset, embodying the enduring strength and ingenuity of this remarkable state.

About Gremsy
Established in 2011 by Vietnamese engineers, Gremsy emerged with a vision to cater to the growing demand for dual-use drones. As a leading provider of innovative gimbals and payloads, driven by a commitment to innovation and mechatronics product development, Gremsy recognizes the potential of gimbal usage and further extends the scope to a comprehensive solution in multiple applications.

Source: Press Release