TerraHaptix, a VC-backed robotics startup opens a 15,000-square-foot drone factory in Abuja to produce autonomous drones for the world’s core industries such as defence, energy, logistics, agriculture, and mining.

Founded by 22-year old Maxwell Maduka and 20-year old Nathan Nwachuku in 2023, TerraHaptix is an Nigerian robotics startup that designs, manufactures, and sells autonomous drones. The company develops everything in-house including the airframe, flight computers, firmware, powertrain, and the flight OS. The big mission of TerraHaptix is to transform the world’s core industries with drones.

The new factory is capable of producing 10,000 drones annually, essentially making TerraHaptix Africa’s largest drone manufacturer. It includes a research and development lab, a 3D printing facility, a machine shop and a manufacturing line to support production. They plan to start full operations in the factory by April 2024.

Western drone companies lack the manufacturing capacity to compete with China due to fragmented supply chain, expensive labor, and high operating costs.

TerraHaptix faces none of these issues with its plan to produce locally and sell globally.

Located in Idu Industrial District, Abuja. The company plans to have the full lifecycle of design, development, prototyping, manufacturing and production in the same space which allows TerraHaptix to iterate and develop technology incredibly fast.

“This factory acquisition shows TerraHaptix’s intent as a serious strategic robotics company in Africa, and we can’t wait to commence the production of UAVs that will drive the technological revolution for core industries globally”- said Nnamdi Chife, CEO of TerraHaptix.

The company plans to launch two product lines in the next four months: One is a long-range reconnaissance drone for commercial use. The other is a jet-powered attack drone for militaries across the globe. TerraHaptix’s family of systems is powered by Artemis OS, its AI-powered operating system that turns thousands of data streams into a realtime, command and control centre. The 6-month old company has already closed major commercial contracts to supply its autonomous drones. With the fast-growing commercial drone market reaching $34B, TerraHaptix aims to produce 100,000 drones annually by 2030.

Source: TerraHaptix