April 17, 2024, Amsterdam - Electric aircraft manufacturer Avy has integrated the latest smart battery of Tulip, a manufacturer of aviation battery technology. With the new high performance battery, Avy is able to fly almost two times longer and further than before, being able to reach more locations and stay on site longer, therefore significantly improving the support it is able to give to emergency services.

Avy is a pioneer in innovative aviation technology and is the manufacturer of drones used by the Dutch Police, Fire Department and various EU medical logistics providers. Together with long-standing partner and supplier Tulip, a Dutch manufacturer of aviation-grade high-density batteries, a new battery system has been integrated in the current aircraft line-up. The battery is capable of providing a significant increase in performance, enabling an increase of 80% to 100% longer flight time, reaching flight times of 1,5 to 2 hours. This significantly improves the operational support that the Avy aircraft can give to emergency services. Furthermore, the battery has a more advanced management system, has a longer battery life and has an improved sustainability footprint. The Avy Aera with new integrated Tulip battery is available from Q4 2024.

About the new battery
The battery integrates next generation battery cell technology, as well as Tulips’ next evolution of its battery management system. Key features of the new battery include:

  • Enhanced Capacity: The new battery boasts an impressive 35 Ah capacity, a significant upgrade from the previous 22Ah battery, reaching an impressive energy density of 300.1 Wh/kg including casing, electronics and BMS.
  • Quasi-Solid State Battery Cell Technology: Tulip's innovative battery technology utilizes quasi-solid state cell architecture, offering superior energy density, enhanced safety, and increased longevity compared to traditional lithium-ion batteries, reaching up to 1000 cycles. The battery is designed for maintenance and reuse in stationary storage.
  • Advanced Battery Management System (BMS): Combined with Tulip's second generation proprietary BMS technology, Avy's drones benefit from precise state-of-charge (SoC) and state-of-power (SoP) predictions, enabling optimized flight planning and longer operational periods before initiating landing sequences. With integrated DroneCAN communication and commands, the battery is optimized for the UAV industry.

About Tulip
Tulip Tech is a high-end battery system manufacturer focused specifically on the UAV market based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. We focus on creating the highest performing batteries in the world, and have shown to outperform our competitors, even in the UAV space, by 30 to more than 70%. Being a reliable partner is at the heart of our organization: We test every single battery system and maintain high standards for our production and supply chain. We constantly improve and integrate the best available technology, having partnerships with world leading battery and chip manufacturers such as Texas Instruments, Amprius and Infineon, ensuring that our customers are always receiving the highest performing battery for their product. With our modular design, our technology can be mass produced, enabling economies of scale for our customers.

About Avy 
Avy is an electric aircraft manufacturer based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Avy focuses on developing VTOL-drones with wings for public emergency services such as Firefighters, Police and Rescue operators. The Avy aircraft take-off automated from their docking stations and fly to any incident within minutes to deliver situational awareness or urgently required medical cargo. The Avy Aera 4 has been certified to fly long distances beyond line of sight over populated areas within the EU.

Source: Press Release