Following a string of critical approvals and operational readiness missions, NUAIR® is prepping the Northeastern United States for cross-border uncrewed aircraft system (UAS) operations. These operations will prove out safe integration of UAS into the national airspace with the opportunity for cross-border international collaboration and regulatory harmonization.

In 2023, NUAIR received a Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Canada authorizing our team to perform UAS operations with U.S. pilots and U.S. aircraft in Ontario, Canada. And, throughout the course of the past year, NUAIR has been performing preliminary operations testing wireless coverage, flight opportunities, and more to ensure safe and efficient future travel from the United States into Canada and back. The team has also been working as international diplomats collaborating with multiple federal agencies on both sides of the border – the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and others from the United States as well as NAV Canada, Transports Canada and similar on the Canadian side.

“NUAIR has taken the steps needed to prove the safety and value of flights like this and the time for feasibility studies has long since passed,” said Ken Stewart, President and CEO of NUAIR. “The team is excited to be able to turn so much planning into reality with regular operations across the U.S. and Canadian border.”

With NUAIR’s commercial civil flight authority BVLOS waiver approved at the end of 2023, the team is now poised to conduct regular international flight operations out of the NUAIR Center of Excellence in Syracuse, New York. The preliminary objectives for these international operations include connecting medical centers in upstate New York and Ontario, Canada for the expedited transport of supplies, precious cargo, and more.

“Most people focus on the inaugural flight as the breakthrough moment,” said Anthony Basile, NUAIR’s Chief of Flight Operations, “but the more difficult and revolutionizing effort is in the preparations. We understand the impact this will have on harmonizing cross-border operations, but we also recognize that it does not work unless it is done correctly.”

Opening up this network brings immense mutual benefits to the people of New York, Ontario, and surrounding areas. NUAIR looks forward to being the activator for these cross-border UAS operations in the new year.

About NUAIR®
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Source: Press Release