JOUAV, a recognized top-5 manufacture in unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry, has recently unveiled its all-new generation of a multi-rotor drone, the PH-20.

Designed to meet the diverse demands of modern industries, the PH-20 stands out as a lightweight marvel, setting new standards in payload capacity, extended flight times, high system integration, and reliability.

Compared to its predecessor, the JOUAV PH-20 showcases remarkable improvements and performance upgrade, making it stand out in the multi-rotor UAV landscape.

Key Features of the JOUAV PH-20 UAV:

Innovative Mechanical Design:

Lightweight Marvel: With a net weight of 19.2kg, the PH-20 features a six-rotor design for enhanced payload capacity and extended flight times.

Plug-in Arm Design: Simplifying usage and maintenance, the innovative arm design allows for easy assembly and packaging at various locations.

Waterproof & Dustproof :

The notable enhancement is the upgrade in protection level, achieving an IP55 rating. With a wind resistance of 17.2-20.7 m/s and waterproof of moderate rain, the PH-20 can be operational in almost all-weather condition. 

Safety and Reliability Upgrade:

Advanced Technology: The PH-20 is equipped with PPK/RTK DGPS, millimeter-wave radar obstacle avoidance, and a new-generation intelligent flight control system.

Communication Excellence: Utilizing CAN bus communication design and sensor redundancy, it demonstrates strong interference resistance and expandability, with a maximum communication range extended to 30KM.

Emergency Safeguard Mechanism: Featuring advanced adaptive control system and a robust emergency safeguard mechanism, the PH-20 ensures unparalleled flight safety and reliability.

Payload Flexibility & Mission Versatility:

Open Electromechanical Integrated Payload Interface: Operation is simplified, and task diversity is enhanced. Payloads can be assembled and integrated as customized requirements, catering to missions such as high-precision mapping, surveillance, mining surveys, oil and gas pipeline inspections, etc.

For example, surveillance missions are integrated with payloads such as gimbal cameras, loudspeakers, and lighting equipment.

Adaptable Data Link Module: Adaptation of the P30 integrated data link module enables day and night surveillance, key area monitoring, and alerting, providing more possibilities to reduce operational costs. 

JOUAV PH-20 Specification


70-75min(with payloads)

Net weight




Payload capacity


Cruising speed


Hover accuracy


Operating temperature

-20~ +55

Maximum Altitude/Ceiling


In summary, JOUAV's PH-20 represents a notable leap forward in multi-rotor drone technology, offering versatility, safety, and efficiency tailored for a broad spectrum of industrial applications.

Source: JOUAV