This week, Japan’s largest drone manufacturer, ACSL Ltd., announced its entrance into the commercial drone market in the US with ACSL Inc. According to reports, “ACSL Inc. is the California subsidiary of ACSL Ltd. and will be offering a competitively priced NDAA-compliant small drone to the US market later this year.”

In a statement, Cynthia Huang, the company’s CEO, said, “Japan is a country renowned for its manufacturing of premium technology and ACSL is no exception. There is immense attention to detail and very intentional product development that goes into each system. We are truly excited to bring the next generation of Japanese drone technology to the US market and offer new solutions to an industry looking for more options.”

A member of the Commercial UAV Expo Advisory Board, Huang had previously served as VP of Enterprise Business Development at Auterion, and she headed DJI’s North American Enterprise segment.

Founded in 2013, ACSL is focused on the “manufacture and sale of industrial drones and customization services for unmanned and IoT applications using autonomous control technology.” The company, which is publicly listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, offers a range of drones and drone-related products including:

  • Soten – A small aerial photography drone with advanced measures to secure communications, flight data, and photo/video data.
  • PF2-AE Delivery – A drone designed for long-range beyond-visual-line-of-sight operations supported by LTE communications.
  • PF2-AE Inspection – An infrastructure inspection drone with detailed situational awareness afforded by the use of high-resolution zoom and thermal imaging cameras.
  • PF2-AE Disaster-Relief/Patrol – A disaster relief and security drone designed for quick assessment of the situation in areas inaccessible to emergency workers following natural disasters such as an earthquake or typhoon.
  • AirTruck – A dedicated delivery drone leveraging digital technologies for last-mile deliveries.
  • Fi4 – A drone that enables safe and efficient inspection and survey of closed spaces such as sewer pipes.