The always-bustling show floor at this year’s Commercial UAV Expo showcased hundreds of innovative products and services. Commercial UAV News was fortunate to be on that floor for three straight days, speaking with drone industry leaders, experts, and advocates.

Check out the video interviews below to learn about new technology, the latest applications, and where the UAV sector is headed next.

DroneUp’s Tom Walker Discusses His Company and the Future of Drone Delivery
DroneUp CEO Tom Walker discussed what’s next for his company and the state of the drone delivery industry as a whole.

Ascent AeroSystems' Bobby Sakaki on the Spirit Drone
Bobby Sakaki, Head of Product for Ascent AeroSystems, talks about the durability and versatility of his company’s Spirit drone and demonstrated how quickly the Spirit can be assembled and deployed.

Draganfly’s Cameron Chell on His Company’s Latest Products
Cameron Chell, President and CEO of Draganfly, describes his company’s new products: Heavy Lift Drone, Commander 3 XL Drone, and Long Range LiDAR system.

Commercial UAV News Talks with Drone Delivery Canada
Steve Magirias, CEO, and Armen Keuleyan, Director of Sales and Marketing, for Drone Delivery Canada discussed their partnership with Air Canada and their Condor drone, the largest drone exhibited at Commercial UAV Expo.

The Menatir from Culver Technologies
Yura Lazebnikov and Anton Strubchevskyi from Culver Technologies explained the capabilities and versatility of their Menatir system.

An Interview with Jon Damush, CEO Of Iris Automation
Jon Damush discussed Iris Automation’s Casia G, a ground-based version of their popular on-board Casia product, as well as the possibility that detect and avoid (DAA) might be the first UAV technology to migrate to crewed aviation in order to avoid mid-air collisions.

The Korea Pavilion at Commercial UAV Expo 2022
Presented by Korea’s Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and the Korea Institute of Aviation Safety Technology (KIAST), the Korea Pavilion at Commercial UAV Expo showcased cutting-edge organizations and companies, including HANCOM inSpaceThirdeye RoboticsPP-SolutionHylium IndustriesNARMA4S MapperQuaternion, T&T, and UVify.