InsideFPV, a leading deep-tech drone manufacturing company, proudly announces the launch of its groundbreaking Make in India Elevate V1 Series. InsideFPV provides drones that empower its users to engage in cinematography, and STEM education, enhance surveillance capabilities, and agriculture, and capture first-person view videos that were once out of their reach. The company’s market scope encompasses various sectors, including Government Contracts and Defence, Agriculture, Commercial Sectors, and Surveillance.

The highly anticipated Elevate V1 Series drone is competitively priced at INR 1.5 Lakh and to celebrate the launch, the first 100 customers will get it at a special price of INR 95,000 and it will be available on InsideFPV’s website as well as popular e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart, ensuring widespread accessibility across India.

Drones are majorly used in commercial, military, and agricultural applications, due to the perception of high cost of ownership. InsideFPV, with its innovative technology, aims to bridge this gap by offering one-of-a-kind Plug and Fly FPV (First Person View) feature-rich drones to consumers at an affordable price point.

Arth Chowdhary, CEO, InsideFPV says, “The Indian Drone market is fast emerging as the regulations around drone usage are relaxed and consumer acceptance is increasing. Our perspective is clear: drones, especially in the consumer, agricultural, and defence space, are not only the technology of the future but the revolution of the present. We see a world in which drones are indispensable to day-to-day activities, revolutionizing everything from security, and cinematography to agricultural management. This is a fundamental shift, not merely a commercial trend, and we are in the vanguard, prepared to spearhead the movement.”

Suresh Krishna Bandi, Associate Vice President – Programs & Partnerships, I-Venture at ISB, Hyderabad says, “As one of the early investors and longtime patron of InsideFPV, very much excited with the unveiling of the Elevate V1. Having witnessed the company’s consistent growth and commitment to excellence since its inception, I am eagerly anticipating the market impact of this revolutionary product. InsideFPV’s ability to captivate and retain a loyal customer base, assures me of the potential success that the Elevate V1 is poised to bring. Excited to be part of this journey and witness the positive trajectory.”

Key Features of the Elevate V1 Series:

  • The drone comes with a set of in-app features, including follow me, rocket, dronie, boomerang, flight point, flight route, circle, helix, panoramic, gesture photography, and delay shouting.
  • The drone features 4K high-definition video recording, a 20-megapixel camera, a 3-axis gimbal camera stabilization system, remote and app control, a 105-minute* flight time, a GPS positioning system, obstacle avoidance, level-7 wind resistance, and a removable/replaceable battery.

Video highlighting/showcasing functionalities of the drone:

InsideFPV recently raised Rs 3.5 crore in a seed funding round led by Inflection Point Ventures and will utilize the amount for product development, marketing, and research. Founded in July 2020, InsideFPV has successfully established itself as a pioneer in the drone industry, boasting a strong community of over 28,500 trusted members, and 25+ drone experience arenas across India. The company has also been featured on Shark Tank India, Zee TV Naya Bharat, and TedX.

Drone market in India
In 2024, the drone market in India is poised to generate a revenue of $27.0 million, with an annual growth rate of 5.96% projected for the years 2024-2028. However, when compared globally, China outshines other nations, anticipating a staggering $1,526.0 million in revenue in 2024. Looking ahead, the volume of the drone market in India is expected to reach 75.8 thousand units by 2028, with a notable volume growth of 6.6% predicted for 2025. This surge is attributed to the increasing adoption of drones for agriculture, leading to a revolutionary transformation in farming practices across the country.

Source: Web Newswire