Released last week, the Dronecode Foundation’s 2023 Annual Report, Year in Review celebrates the “growing maturity of the ecosystem” that “supports the open-source drone community.”

The report details new insights into the PX4 open-source drone landscape and takes a deep look into the contributors and organizations that are building autonomous tech. Moreover, the Year In Review looks at the 2023 release of PX4 V1.14.0 and MAVSDK 2.0, examines increased integration with the ROS ecosystem, and discusses new opportunities for collaboration efforts across the field of general robotics.

“We aren't just drones anymore!” said Ramón Roche, General Manager of the Dronecode Foundation. “Over the years, the PX4 developer community joined efforts with the open-source robotics developer community to do the hard work of merging the two paradigms. This year we saw the dividends of that effort begin to pay out. The convergence of talent and technology will lead to tech that exceeds the boundaries of the drone and will completely reframe the way we think about autonomous systems. The next stage of aerial robotics development starts now!"

In collaboration with vendors, developers, and end-users from around the world, the Dronecode Foundation “hosts open-source and open-standard projects critical to the Drone Industry.” The group is a vendor-neutral foundation for open drone projects part of the Linux Foundation.

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