The Advanced Air Mobility Institute and National Association of Italian Municipalities (ANCI Toscana) have officially entered into a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to collaborate on the development and promotion of Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) in Italy, particularly the Tuscany region, through the implementation of joint projects involving local governments, businesses, universities, research centers and civil society. The Parties undertake to carry out a generous list of activities as part of their union, some of which include the exchange of best practices and information gathered in benefit of AAM to the local territory and mobility. Educational events and online training directives are planned to be a source in which to raise awareness in order to reach and target various stakeholders, as well as the general public.

"With this protocol, by combining the technical expertise and ecosystem of experts with which AAM Institute is in contact with the network of local relations and the representation of ANCI Toscana, it will be possible to organise initiatives to inform, raise awareness and stimulate cooperation between public bodies, companies and start-ups in the AAM sector to facilitate the emergence of projects that favour inter-modality, in accordance with the regulations in force and the needs of local communities," ANCI Toscana Director, Simone Gheri, stated.

Dan Sloat, Founder of the AAM Institute remarked, “[w]e are deeply grateful to our Liaison to Italy, Salvo Forzese, for his efforts to foster cross-border cooperation. He will play a crucial role in strengthening ties to benefit the Tuscan people.”

ANCI Toscana, the association representing the municipalities of Tuscany, has been at the forefront of promoting local development, democratic participation, and the quality of public services with a strong emphasis on innovation and environmental sustainability.

The Advanced Air Mobility Institute, Inc is a §501c3 international nonprofit research center dedicated to educating and advocating for the broadest public benefit through the AAM ecosystem globally. Ultimately, the AAM Institute is committed to protecting people, their rights, and the systems we rely on. We seek to accelerate access to these new technologies in an ethical and responsible way.

Source: Advanced Air Mobility Institute