To ease the availability of the WingtraOne drone throughout the US, Wingtra has partnered with RDO Integrated Controls.

The first time we discussed about Wingtra last September, the Switzerland-based company had just partnered with Florida-based Lengemann Corporation, providing Lengemann customers in Florida, Georgia, and Alabama with access to the WingtraOne drone. One month later, Wingtra partnered with PIX4D to augment the abilities of the WingtraOne by including 2D map and 3D model construction from aerial data, which helped to give the drone an even better name.

“The partnership with Pix4D was a great match,” said Justina Kostinaité, marketing manager at Wingtra. “We believe we've been able to create the best drone and post-processing software bundle in the market. This is extremely important to our clients in the surveying industry, which is why the partnership was a great call to make.”

In the more recent news, Wingtra’s partnership with RDO Integrated Controls means the WingtraOne is now available via RDO’s dealer network in 13 US states including California and Texas. By taking off and landing as a multicopter and flying like a fixed-wing aircraft, the WingtraOne eliminates the risk of damaging the aircraft while landing, lets the drone carry heavier and thus better sensors (e.g. 40MP Sony RX1RII) and still allows mapping of large areas.

“WingtraOne has proven to be a big success,” added Justina. “Our customers greatly value our technology, especially the VTOL capability which gives them the versatility they need and make their work so much safer. With one of the largest and most experienced partners in the US - RDO Integrated Controls, we are happy and excited to be able to locally deliver WingtraOne to the industry through a trusted partner.”

Mapping Product Supervisor at RDO, Matt Hayes commented: "We see Wingtra's solution as a great fit with our vision of bringing a strong and diverse portfolio of commercial UAV equipment to market. Their VTOL drone WingtraOne is a huge technological advancement, which finally fills the gap between multirotor and fixed-wing drones.”

As to what might come in the future, the company will concentrate on customers in surveying and mapping industries, on the product, as well as on the commercial part.