2020 has brought about significant changes for our industry that will have lasting impacts on its future. Commercial UAV News thought it would be appropriate to take a deep look at what this really means for 2021 and beyond, and what it doesn’t. We pulled together a panel of experts from all over the drone ecosystem to provide their insights and predictions for the new year. 

The panel, which was comprised of Adam Bry, CEO of Skydio; Matt Fanelli Director of Strategy at Skyward; Edgar Valdez Regulatory Strategy Manager at UPS; Tom Walker, Founder and CEO of DroneUp; Ted Lester Chief Technologist at AiRXOS-part of GE Aviation; Mike Blades Vice President of Aerospace, Defense, and Security Americas Region at Frost & Sullivan; and Grant Guillot Partner and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team Leader at Adams and Reese, discussed topics that loomed large in 2020, especially in the face of unprecedented events. The conversation covered a wide array of topics including where we are with advanced regulations, how laws and local government have and will impact our industry, the FAA Beyond Program, the upcoming Remote ID ruling, areas of anticipated growth in 2021, key learnings from 2020, public acceptance and education, and more.

Watch the full recorded conversation below and check out our conversation with Kimberly Penn of Women and Drones and Dawn Zoldi of P3 Tech Consulting as they talk about creating an inclusive and thriving drone industry here: