Cepton Technologies shifts its focus from the ground, up to the skies with SORA 200, a new long-range, high-resolution and low-cost 3D LiDAR sensor for mapping with UAVs.

Back in May 2017, Cepton, a provider of 3D sensing solutions for automotive and industrial applications, released its first product: the high-performance and low-cost HR-80 series LiDAR ground solution.

To kick off its presentation at the Commercial UAV Expo, the company’s showcasing its first and new SORA 200 UAV LiDAR sensor. It also announced a partnership with LiDAR USA, a total LiDAR geospatial solutions’ company, who will be Cepton’s first reseller and system integrator in the UAV mapping industry, to help bring SORA 200 to market.

The SORA 200 weighs 550 grams, scans at a range of up to 200 meters, and operates with a 200-hertz frame rate. These features mean that UAVs equipped with this LiDAR sensor can fly longer and at higher altitudes while covering more ground and maintaining high-density map data acquisition.

“To meet the increasing demands of UAVs, LiDAR sensors must be long-range, lightweight and high-resolution,” said Dr. Mark McCord, co-founder and VP of engineering at Cepton. “SORA 200 allows for highly efficient 3D map data production at increased altitudes and velocities in various environments.”

Additionally, SORA 200 takes advantage of Cepton’s micro-motion LiDAR technology, which removes expensive, ungainly spinning parts common in traditional LiDAR units, resulting in smaller and more reliable sensors that do not compromise on resolution or range. Use of off-the-shelf materials reduces delivery wait time and overall cost.

The Commercial UAV Expo takes place from October 24th-26th, and Cepton, together with LiDAR USA, presented its product at booth #610. The company also made an appearance during the Product Preview Presentations at the Commercial UAV Expo.