Angel Aerial Systems, a start-up company based in Cincinnati Ohio, launched their first product, the Trio™ drone at XPONENTIAL 2024. A crowd gathered around the Angel Aerial booth to witness the unveiling of the drone. 

The Trio™ drone is a tri-winged UAV that has three flight modes: fixed wing, VTOL, and a revolutionary 2-hour hover mode on a single battery charge. It features a dual optical and infrared camera mounted on a counter-rotating airframe while the payload remains static. The drone itself is made of 3D-printed carbon fiber, making it a lightweight vehicle and American made, keeping the cost down for its customers.

This drone is intended for public safety missions, infrastructure inspections, and defense missions.

“Applications of the drone include extended surveillance, site inspections in remote areas, and long endurance environmental monitoring. These three flight modes mean more time on the scene. With these applications, we are excited to redefine the bounds of what’s possible.” Will Hasting, CEO of Angel Aerial Systems, told the crowd. 

Angel Aerial Systems is on a mission to create a drone that is physically versatile, cost-effective, addresses the pressing issues drone users face every day. It’s a commitment the company has made based in the feedback they’ve received from users of all types.

“One of the biggest complaints we heard from drone users was that their battery would die after 20 minutes of use. As a group, we knew we could do better. That’s why we set out to make a drone with a 2-hour hover time” Hastings explained to Commercial UAV News.

Pre-orders are now available on the Angel Aerial Systems website.